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Easily recognizable due to its characteristic blue spots, reddish back and silvery-pink color, Pagrus Major is one of the most impressive fish in both looks and flavor. It is a demersal fish, which means that it lives close to the seabed, or in shallower waters, at depths ranging from 30 to 300 meters.

Whole fish

Farmed with care, harvested with respect

We raise our fish in pristine, deep waters, always assuring their health and welfare within an environment with reduced levels of stress. Our harvesting and packaging units are only a few minutes away, meaning that when you order your fish from Philosofish, you will always get the most fresh and pure product.

400-600 g, 600-800 g, 800-1 000 g, 1kg+

Box size: 6 kg
Box dimensions: 498 x 298 x 152 cm (lid thickness: 20 cm)

Pallet dimensions:
100 x 120 cm

Boxes per each line:
8 boxes

Lines per pallet: 12
(96 boxes per pallet)


Nothing is wasted  

Our de-gutted fish is being delivered to you ready to be cooked and tasted, yet never missing its most nutritious benefits. But what about the parts of it that are not edible? Food waste takes is one of the biggest threats to nature, therefore reducing it is one of our priorities. At Philosofish we assure that all parts of our fish are being used otherwise; from producing fish oil to animal feed.

300-400g, 400-600g, 600-800g



Working towards a sustainable future

At Philosofish we control the whole value chain, from production to processing operations, assuring both the best quality of our final product and the sustainability of the practices thereafter. Therefore, when you order fillets directly from Philosofish, you are helping to reduce food waste but also to build a more sustainable future.  

Box options (with cover): 3 kg
Box dimensions: 39,5 x 29,5 x 14,1 cm

Pallet dimensions:
100 x 120 cm

Total number of boxes
on a pallet: 120

The Pine Bone In (PBI):

Partially deboned fillet which is our standard Philosofish product.

90-120g, 120-160g

The V cut (PBO):

Pine bones and skin are cut out in the shape of a “V” leaving you with a refined Philosofish fillet.

90-120g, 120-160g

The F cut (PBO):

Pine bones are cut out in the shape of a “V” leaving the skin on. This leaves you with a high end Philosofish fillet.

90-120g, 120-160g